Money for Your Old System

Exchange your old system for credit towards the purchase of a new 9300 Series Drop Tower Impact Tester with the Instron® trade-up program. The trade-up allowances listed below are determined based on the purchase price of the newer model, and will be applied towards your new system order.*

Drop Tower Trade Up Program Systems

Why Trade-in an Aging System?

  • Is your testing system becoming too costly to maintain?
  • What effect would an extended period of downtime have on your lab’s productivity?
  • Is your aging system fully compliant to current ISO and ASTM standards?
  • How much more could you accomplish if your operators had a system that was easier and faster to use?

Sign Up

This program applies to customers located in the Americas. Purchase orders must be placed on or before December 15, 2018. The customer is required to submit a signed Trade-Up agreement along with the purchase order. Please ask your sales representative for the Trade-Up Terms and Conditions/Agreement Form.