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Bluehill® Universal Version 4.08

Since the release of Bluehill Universal in 2017, our software team has continued developing new features to improve the standard product. While previous editions of this newsletter have discussed upgrades to pneumatic grips, chambers, video extensometers, and other accessories, today we are discussing the features and benefits of Bluehill Universal 4.08. 

Bluehill Universal Software System Compatibility

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What's New In 4.08?

Active Directory Security

Bluehill Universal now supports user credential and permission management through Active Directory. Active Directory security is managed on the network level and offers a more robust selection of permissions than those available with standard Bluehill Universal Security.

Bluehill Universal Security Options

When a user logs into the software with their Active Directory credentials, the software identifies the user's permission level and allows them the appropriate access. Active Directory setup requires lab managers to coordinate with their IT department to create the required groups and assign users.

Bluehill Universal Active Directory

Torsion Add-On Methods 

Users of the 5900 series systems can now enable Torsion Add-On in the Admin tab. Torsion Add-On is an attachment that allows an axial testing machine to convert into a biaxial testing machine. Torsional control is needed for testing the performance of many consumer products, packaging, medical devices, electronics, and automotive components.

Torsion Add-On 2.0

When Torsion Add-On is enabled through the Admin panel in Bluehill Universal, two new method types become available: Tension/Torsion TestProfiler and Compression/Torsion TestProfiler.

Bluehill Universal Method Type Screen

When running either of these test methods, the axial channel is always the primary mode of control, and the new rotation channel allows for simple programming of rotational direction and rotational rate. For application details, please refer to Issue 52 of this newsletter and visit the Torsion Add-On page.

Bluehill Universal Torsion Add-On

One other great feature we've added in version 4.08 is the ability for operators to balance a transducer from a live display. 

How to Update

If you are currently using an earlier, in-warranty version of Bluehill Universal with Instron Connect, you can update to 4.08 through the Instron Connect portal.

Instron Connect Screen

Upgrading to Bluehill Universal

If your current software system is Merlin, Series IX, Series XII, Partner, Bluehill 1, Bluehill 2, or Bluehill 3 you must first upgrade to Bluehill Universal in order to reap the benefits of these new features. Bluehill Universal also offers the following benefits to enhance your testing experience:

  • The security of being on a fully-supported operating system with the full suite of PC, testing machine, and network security tools including Active Directory network permissions, PC login permissions, and Bluehill Universal administration permissions. 
  • Replacing the standard computer monitor with Bluehill Universal's touchscreen Operator Dashboard saves time and space while improving ergonomics.
  • Expression Builder, a powerful calculations tool, allows you to build your own calculations and domains where they are active.
  • Add torsion capability with Torsion Add-On 2.0. With Bluehill Universal, it is now possible to add torsion to your new or existing 594x or 596x series frames.
  • Enjoy the benefits of using the AVE2 non-contacting video extensometer and the 2D post-test digital image correlation analysis.
  • Improved communication with 3119-600 series environmental chambers which allows you to speak to your chamber and set soaks, ramps, and dwells.
  • Customizable file outputs which make the data exported from Bluehill Universal match your existing database.
  • An extensive library of pre-built and read-only test methods specific to the most popular ISO and ASTM standards.
  • Faster, cleaner, and better communications with your local support team with Instron Connect.
  • New and improved user interface using blocks, loops, and logic in our improved TestProfiler feature.

Contact your local Instron representative today to arrange a Bluehill Universal demonstration.

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