Bluehill® 3 | Your Software's Next Steps Webinar

Are testing systems in your lab still running Bluehill 3 software? Watch this webinar to learn about the latest status of this legacy software, what this means for your lab, and what migration to the latest platform, Bluehill Universal, would look like.

High Volume Hot Tensile Testing | Dual Furnace Setup on 68FM-100

Instron's® 6800 Series floor model, equipped with a dual-furnace configuration, offers an exceptional solution for hot tensile testing to meet ASTM E21 and ISO 6892-2 standards. The ability to temperature soak a secondary load string while the primary test is in progress ensures that you can double throughput and save time. Additionally, the quick-change adapters make it convenient to switch between furnaces when testing is underway. Once a test is complete, simply swing out the furnace with the tested specimen and replace it with an untested one.

Revision History in Bluehill Universal

Revision history allows users to view the full version history of Bluehill methods, tested samples, and report templates. Each revision contains the details of the affected item, including a time stamp, both the previous and new values, and the name of the user who made the change.

Long Travel XL Extensometer

Designed for use with both single-column and dual-column universal testing systems, Instron's® long travel (XL) extensometers can be used to measure specimen elongations up to 30 in or 750 mm. The XL is designed to clamp directly onto a specimen quickly and easily. It will adjust to incremental gauge lengths ranging from 0.5 in to 5 in, or 10 mm to 200 mm.

Instron® | 落錘衝撃試験機 | 9400シリーズ 引張衝撃試験

引張衝撃試験は、ISO 8256規格に従い、プラスチック用衝撃試験機を使用してポリマーの靭性を測定します。ポリマーが柔軟すぎるか薄すぎるため、シャルピーまたはアイゾッド衝撃試験が適さない場合は、一般に一軸引張衝撃試験を相対的に高い歪み速度で行う必要があります。

AT3 Automated Testing System: Configured for Medical Glove Testing

The Instron® AT3 Automated Testing System utilizes an innovative, adaptable design for testing a variety of materials including: rigid plastics, elastomers, rubber, thin film, foam, and metals. In this video, the AT3 is testing medical gloves to EN 455-2: “Medical gloves for single use - Requirements and testing for physical properties” but can also be used for common thin film testing including ASTM D882: “Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting.”

Named Transducers in Bluehill Universal
Instron’s® Bluehill software allows you to name your transducers, such as load cells or extensometers, to be easily recognized and linked to Bluehill test methods. Utilizing this capability can prevent the incorrect load cell from being used and ensures the test method can be shared across multiple systems without risk of referencing the wrong transducer.
What Is an Extensometer?

Strain measurement is a key component of mechanical testing and is required by nearly all relevant ASTM and ISO standards. Instron offers a wide range of strain measurement devices to suit every material and application. From simple bonded strain gauges to the most advanced video extensometry, all of our devices are designed and manufactured by Instron engineers to meet our own stringent accuracy standards. If your testing application requires a creative solution, our Custom Engineering Group is available to design and implement a strain measurement solution that meets your needs.

ElectroPuls® E20000

Instron® E20000は、ElectroPulsシリーズに新たに追加された20 kNの動的リニア容量と130 Nmのトルク容量を持つ試験機です。 この電気駆動式試験機は従来のE10000システムの2倍のリニア容量を持ち つつ、見た目の試験機のサイズ感はほぼ同じです。最新の自動電動クロスヘッドクランプにより、試験空間のサイズ調整を素早く簡単に行うことができます。既存製品と同様、インストロンの先進的なデジタル制御エレクトロニクス、二軸のDynacell™ ロードセル、特許を取得した試験片の剛性に基づく簡単なチューニング技術を採用しています。