NLR Unveils Instron's E20000 All-Electric Fatigue Machine

The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) recently unveiled the latest addition to its fleet of testing systems: the Instron E20000, the first electric 20 kN fatigue machine. NLR, which aims to develop cost-effective technologies for air travel and space exploration, cited how valuable speed is in its testing of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The Instron E20000 allows the organization to test with the same force as many hydraulic machines — but with far greater speed.

As the latest addition to the ElectroPuls family, the compact, all-electric Instron E20000 is virtually the same size as the popular E10000 system, but it offers twice the linear capacity and 130 Nm torque capacity. The highly versatile ElectroPuls systems can be used in testing practices across numerous fields such as orthopedics, consumer electronics, and the biomedical industry.

Learn more about the ElectroPuls systems, including the new Instron E20000, on our ElectroPuls product page.

NLR unveils the Instron E20000
Image source: The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR).

Originally posted By Dave Gradijan On Sep 08, 2022 , Updated On July 07, 2023