Automotive Testing Solutions Launch

As new vehicles become simpler, smarter, and safer, it is imperative that labs be up to date.  Research & development labs need to make sure that they are able to keep up with ever-changing technology, while quality control labs are required to have high throughput and repeatable results.

Our global application experts have joined forces to build a collection of insightful web pages, aimed at highlighting common challenges in materials testing that the automotive industry faces.  These challenges range from gripping challenges of rubber used for tires, to effectively testing interior electronic knobs and buttons in tension and torsion to determine optimal haptic feedback. We have even highlighted how to effectively simulate real-world conditions and environmental factors on critical automotive parts and assemblies, along with our solutions to help you overcome them. 

Broken down by Chassis & Body, Drivetrain & Suspension, Engine, Electronics, Interior, Joining, Safety Systems, and Wheel & Tire, we hope that navigation is simple and the content is insightful and easy to digest.  This website and its content will continue to grow and develop over time, expanding on testing requirements, solutions and more. If you have any specific requirements or suggestions to help us grow this section then please reach out to us with any questions or comments. 

Please visit our website or use the buttons on the right to go to a specific section.

Matthew Spiret
Automotive Market Manager